Date-2010 Event
Jan. 1 New Year's Day - Holiday
Jan. 2 Day of Prayer - (NAD)
Jan 8-9 Las Vegas Area  Youth/Young Adult Rally
Jan. 11 Reno        Area Conf. Pastor's Meeting
Jan. 12 Las Vegas Area Conf. Pastor's Meeting 
Jan. 13 Salt Lake  Area Conf. Pastor's Meeting 
Jan. 18 Msartin Luther King Day - Holiday
Feb. 1 Black History Month
Feb. 6 Las Vegas Area       Church Ministries Training
Feb. 11 Executive Committee
Feb. 13 Salt Lake City Area Church Ministries Training
Feb. 15 President's Day - Holiday
Feb. 20 Health Ministries Sabbath
Feb. 27 Reno Area               Church Ministries Training
Feb. 28 Reno  Area         Town Hall Meeting
 Mar.7 Salt Lake  Area  Town Hall Meeting
Mar. 7-13 Youth Week of Prayer (NAD)
Mar. 12-13 Utah Area           Youth/Young Adult Rally
Mar. 17 Association Board
Mar. 19-20 Journey Toward Intimacy - Las Vegas-Henderson
Mar. 20 Disabilities Awareness Sabbath
Mar. 21 Las Vegas Area Town Hall Meeting (Tentative)
Maar.22-28 Spring Break (Educ)
Mar. 26-27 NAD (West Coast) Youth Congress - Los Angeles
Mar. 31 K-12 Board
Apr. 1 Executive Committee
Apr. 7-10     NAD World Youth /Young Adult Prayer Congress-Columbus, OH
Apr. 10 Stewardship Sabbath
Apr. 16-17 Northern Nevada Youth/Young Adult Rally
Apr. 17 Literature Evangelism Sabbath
Apr. 22-25 Pacific Union ASI Convention
Apr. 24 Education Day (NAD)
Apr.30 - May 1 Las Vegas Area Convocation
Apr.30 - May 2 Constituency Session
May 8 Youth Day (NAD)
May 13-16 Conf. wide - Pathfinder Camporee/Fair
May 15 Adventist Singles Adult Ministries (NAD)
May 31 Memorial Day - Holiday
June 3 Executive Committee
June 4-5 Exec. Comm. New Member Orientation (tentative)
June 6-13 Summer Camp at Daystar Adv. Acad., Castle Valley, UT
June 9 Association Board
 June 23-July 3 General Conf. Session, Atlanta, GA
 July 5 Independence Day Observed - Holiday
Aug. 2-7 Lake Tahoe Camp Meeting
Aug. 5 Executive Committee
Aug. 6-7 Reno Area Convocation
Aug. 8-11 Conf. Workers' Retreat
Aug. 23 School begins
Aug. 25 Association Board
Sept. 3-5 Regional Convocation - Salt Lake City
Sept. 6 Labor Day - Holiday
Sept. 8  Union Exec. Committee
Sept. 11 Utah Area Convocation
Sept. 12-15 Risk Management Conf., Dearborn, MI
Sept. 25 Utah Area Convocation (alt. date)
Oct. 6 K-12 Board
Oct. 7 Executive Committee
Oct. 23 Pathfinder Sabbath 
Oct. 28-31 Men's Retreat - Grass Valley, CA (Wolf Mt. Camp)
Nov. 11-14 Pacific Union Conf. Children's Ministry Conference-Leoni Mdws.
Nov. 24-25 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 2 Executive Committee
Dec. 5-8 West Point of Evangelism
Dec. 15 Association Board
Dec. 23-24 Christmas Holiday
Dec 30-31 New Year's Holiday


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